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Awards: National Philanthropy Day 2012


335 Powell Street, San Francisco, California

The AFP Golden Gate Chapter will bestow eight Outstanding Awards for Philanthropy to recognize individuals and organizations whose philanthropic achievements have made an impact on society, whether local, national or international.

2012 nominations are now closed.
Click each award to view description.

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award
  2. Outstanding Philanthropist
  3. Hank Rosso Outstanding Fundraising Professional
  4. Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer
  5. Outstanding Corporate Grantmaker
  6. Outstanding Foundation or Community Grantmaker
  7. Outstanding Foundation Professional
  8. The Vineyards Award

2012 Awards

  1. The Lifetime Achievement Award honors an individual or family with a proven lifetime record of exceptional generosity who, through direct financial support, demonstrates outstanding civic and charitable responsibility and whose generosity encourages others to take philanthropic leadership roles on in the community.

  2. The Outstanding Philanthropist Award is presented to an individual or family with a record of exceptional generosity who, through direct financial support, has demonstrated outstanding civic and charitable responsibility, and who encourages others to take philanthropic leadership roles in their communities.

  3. The Hank Rosso Outstanding Fundraising Professional Award honors an individual fundraising professional who practices his or her profession in an exemplary manner.

  4. The Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in coordinating groups of volunteers for major fundraising projects of more than one nonprofit organization. The recipient should demonstrate exceptional skills coordinating and inspiring groups of volunteers for fundraising projects that benefit charitable institutions and show a commitment to the advancement of philanthropy.

  5. The Outstanding Corporate Grantmaker Award recognizes a corporation or its foundation that displays an outstanding commitment to philanthropy not only through its financial support but also by encouraging and motivating others to take leadership roles in philanthropy and community involvement activities.

  6. The Outstanding Foundation or Community Grantmaker Award recognizes a private or community foundation or community grantmaking organization that provides financial support, inspiration, encouragement and motivation to nonprofits and grantmakers alike – as well as developing innovative approaches to philanthropy.

  7. The Outstanding Foundation Professional Award honors a foundation professional who individually initiates or supports creative nonprofit efforts and who works to develop philanthropic partnerships with organizations and communities. This will be a professional whose individual contributions to nonprofit/foundation philanthropic teamwork is exceptionally effective or unique.

  8. The Vineyards Award celebrates an organization having less than $500,000 in private support but which is nonetheless effectively addressing serious community problems. This is a visionary group that, through passionate staff commitment and the innovative use of volunteers and/or community partnerships, is an inspirational model for other nonprofits, philanthropic organizations and individuals.


The Awards Committee is committed to ensuring as much diversity as possible among nominees and award recipients, so that the richness of the Bay Area – ethnicity, gender, race, geographic location, and age – is fully represented. 

Selection Process

A panel composed of leaders in the philanthropic community of the AFP Golden Gate region will review the nominations. If necessary, additional information may be requested by the committee before it makes final decisions. 

Award Notification

Nominators will be notified of selections by July 1, 2012. It is the nominator's responsibility to notify nominees that they have won, and confirm their willingness to attend the luncheon and accept the award. 

Award Presentation

Award recipients must attend and will be publicly recognized at the National Philanthropy Day luncheon on November 15, 2012, presented by the AFP Golden Gate Chapter and Northern California Grantmakers. Recipients will receive the award onstage and make formal acceptance remarks.